Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Painting the Outside

We still have tons of stuff to do on the inside of the house but we must shift gears. The exterior of the house is looking a little worse for wear. I suspect the previous owners did not use very high quality paint. It is starting to peel and look ucky. Of course, it could just be the harsh summers we  have here in San Antonio. Whatever the reason, it is time to paint.

When we were in Yellowstone last summer I bought a pot. It is a lovely little terra cotta pot with blue and green glazed design. I really like it. So, I asked Phil about it and he likes it, too. I went to Home Depot and bought some paint. The green and blue were perfect matches but the terra cotta looked more like dried French's mustard. Back I went. I choose a different color and tried that. Though it is a bit darker than the pot, I like it well enough to go with it. So, we will paint the brick terra cotta (yea! getting rid of ugly pale pink brick!!). The house will be blue and the trim will be green. Very festive colors and appropriate for San Antonio.

Pictures to follow.

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