Saturday, May 30, 2009


The kitchen floor tile and back splash is grouted!

Back to Work

All my tools have gotten scattered in different locations over the winter. Spent one full day locating and staging them. Have them all in one place now.
Yesterday I grouted tiles outside the pantry. Today I will finish grouting in the kichen. THEN I will be able to move on to other things.
Phil & I have been talking about the renovation of the middle bedroom. We have always planned to make it closets and a bath. We are now thinking that we could get more bang for the buck if we make one large closet instead of two closets. when we measure it out, it looks like we can get a good sized linen closet in the new arrangement. Will work it out on paper to be sure.
For now, back to work.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


We have been working on the yard since January. Now that it is getting warmer we are moving our work indoors.
In the backyard, we pulled up the railroad tie border that was only half done, leveled corner where there was a big hole, built a raised bed, planted veggies, a rose bush, & a variety of flowers. We also cut back some kind of bush/tree that is very invasive. It is growing again in the alley rather vigirously. We'll just have to keep cutting.
In the front yard, we planted plumbago-lots of it, sage, nandina, st. johns wort, daisies, irises and vincas. the color makes the house so much friendlier.
The lawn in the front & back is mostly a variety of weeds & crabgrass. We planted a test patch of Bermuda. It has done well so we hope to get more seeded soon. In the meantime, we have fed the soil in preparation.
But now it is getting warm. There are only a few hours in the early morning when we can work. So our attention is turning to the projects indoors. Phil is prepping to build closets and I'm trying to pull all my stuff together, including me, to go back to work on the floors.
Oh, for a nap!