Saturday, September 5, 2009

Building a master bedroom closet

We are slowly bringing this closet together. Over the summer Phil completed demolition work, built the walls, and textured them. I primed and painted. Last weekend we went to Home Depot and spent a wad of money on lumber. Yesterday, I started cutting it down to size.

First, of course, I spent and hour and a half doing maintenance on my table saw. Necessary but hot, yucky work. I still need to haul the shop vac out there to suck all the saw dust off. I was anxious to get going, though, and began cutting the cross braces.

I quickly learned just how out of practice I am. My initial cuts were awful, jagged. Sanding cures a lot of ills, however. That's what I did after I cut the braces. I was a little anxious to put something on the wall so after cutting and sanding, I marched in to the closet and mounted two of the braces on the wall. I am not confident they will hold.

Phil is in there right now locating studs. Once these are located I'll add a few extra screws to hold them in place. Am considering a brace from floor to bottom of brace as well. Just to be safe. Given the weight these will have to hold, overbuilding is not a bad thing.

To work!

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