Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Building the Master Bedroom Closet

Phil cut the doorway into the little bedroom next to the master bedroom, built a wall dividing that room in half, hung sheetrock, taped, spackled. I painted. This past weekend I went to work cutting, piecing, sanding to create the inside of the closet.
The space is 4x12. On one end are four shelves 24 inches deep. On the other end is a tall hanging unit for storing dresses, coats, etc. Above it is a shelf. In between these two units I built two identical sets of upper/lower hanging units, each close to four feet in length, for hanging shirts/slacks.
This work took three days over the labor day weekend.
Next weekend I will prime & paint. Now I rest.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Building a master bedroom closet

We are slowly bringing this closet together. Over the summer Phil completed demolition work, built the walls, and textured them. I primed and painted. Last weekend we went to Home Depot and spent a wad of money on lumber. Yesterday, I started cutting it down to size.

First, of course, I spent and hour and a half doing maintenance on my table saw. Necessary but hot, yucky work. I still need to haul the shop vac out there to suck all the saw dust off. I was anxious to get going, though, and began cutting the cross braces.

I quickly learned just how out of practice I am. My initial cuts were awful, jagged. Sanding cures a lot of ills, however. That's what I did after I cut the braces. I was a little anxious to put something on the wall so after cutting and sanding, I marched in to the closet and mounted two of the braces on the wall. I am not confident they will hold.

Phil is in there right now locating studs. Once these are located I'll add a few extra screws to hold them in place. Am considering a brace from floor to bottom of brace as well. Just to be safe. Given the weight these will have to hold, overbuilding is not a bad thing.

To work!