Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to Work

Finally, we are back to work. The middle bedroom and the back bedroom had closets on a shared wall. Phil removed the middle bedroom closet to expose the wall. Then he built a wall dividing the middle bedroom. This effectively framed in the master bedroom closet. As you can see from the picture to the left, the doorway to the hall is still there. Phil has cut a new opening in the sheetrock to the master bedroom but I don't think he plans to close the original doorway until he gets the new doorway framed in.

Now Phil is removing the closet on the other side (the one that shared the wall with the first. it opened into the middle bedroom). The old closet had a lot built in shelves and drawers--cute but non-functional. First step was to remove all that and the framing for the old closet. Then he put in studs for the new wall. This second picture shows the subfloor (under old closet area). Today he will be removing the back wall of the closet and building up the wall between the two bedrooms.

The end result will be a closet for the master bedroom that is 4 x 12 ft. and a master bath that is 6.5 x 12 ft. We will take an old utility closet that opens into the hall and turn that into a small closet for the guest bedroom. For now the closet that Phil has framed in is holding construction debri as shown in the photo at left. You are viewing the interior of the new closet. Phil was able to place a shelf unit I made into the wall. Will be great for holding deoderant, perfume, etc.

We did have one happy discovery so far. Even though we both measured several times, it appears we are going to have an extra 6 inches in the master bathroom. Hence the 6.5 foot measurement. That extra 6 inches has us rethinking the layout to the bathroom. Fortunately we do not have to have any answers just yet. After we clear all the debri and are left with an empty room we will make templates from cardboard and shuffle them about. We'll see what falls out.


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