Friday, February 27, 2009

Slow Going

We have not worked on the house in a while. We had a spurt of energy just before Thanksgiving and then the demands of the holidays and end of the Fall Term took over. We got zippo done. Besides, it was too cold in December to do much anyway. No excuse for doing nothing in January or February. Lots of good intentions that never amounted to much.

On the other hand, we have been digging in the dirt. Did I mention that we planted plumbago in the front yard some time in the fall. Also added asparagus fern under the front bedroom windows and two sage bushes on the east side of the house out front. Trimmed back the Althea bush. It's an old old bush. When it warms up I'll feed it. Hope it blooms. It didn't do much last year but maybe with trimming and feeding it will come around. Phil planted a bucket load of bulbs around a small crepe myrtle bush. He spent a lot of time digging a large round flower bed, adding good soil to the bed and then planting all the bulbs. We are beginning to see things come up now. Pretty, pretty.

Phil put together a raised bed for veggies in the back yard. I planted potatoes, beets and carrots just a few days ago. We also planted a blackberry bush but some critter came and stole it and ate it. Imagine how hungry you would have to be to eat a blackberry plant. It was just a stick for heaven's sake!! We've planted a rose bush in its place. This afternoon we turned the soil and marked off flower bed on the west side of the yard under the old pecan tree. Not terribly large. Will plant some salvia, pepperment, sage, and a few other herbs there.

We bought a little lime tree and put that in a pot just outside the back door. Oh, and I dug up all those damned old bricks that were outside the back door. Someone had put those there thinking they were a good thing to have there since there was no patio or anything. Trouble was, they were awkward, uneven and downright dangerous. While I was digging them up, I discovered a lower layer of sand. This has to be the place the old flagstone was located. We have found a pile of that behind the shed. So I leveled the dirt and sand the best I could (okay, it's like totally not perfect) and laid the flagstone. I have bought some creeping oregano to grow between the the stones.

There was a big brush and junk pile pickup this past week. So we trimmed every bush, including the ones in the alley. Cut back everything that was around the little shed and hauled all that out to the road. Place looks a ton better. Now if we could just grow grass......

Okay. I guess we haven't been all that lazy. Of course, now is the time to work outdoors. Before it gets too hot. I am ready to get back to work indoors. I would really like to see the closets finished. and the tile in the main living areas. That would be nice. But for now, while we can, we work outdoors. That's not so bad.


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