Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Closet in the Master Bedroom is Done!

Yep. It's done. I'll bet you were thinking it would never get done but it is done. The closet is 4 foot x 12 foot. On the right end are shelves that are are 2ft deep. Below the shelves is a place for tucking suitcases. As you can see, I have also used store bought shoe shelves in a unique way. I added wheels and a handle and now they tuck neatly under the lowest shelf. Need shoes? Just pull out the shoe caddy. Nice. The next shelf up will be a great place to stash a laundry basket. The remaining shelves will be fitted with tubs for storage of blankets, winter clothes, etc.

On the far right end of the closet I have built in a hanging unit for dresses. and such. Turns out I don't have all that many dresses. But I do still have my preaching robes. Don't know if I can ever bring myself to let those go. Phil has his academic robes. so that sort of fills up that end.
In between I built two sets of upper and lower hanging units--one for me and one for Phil. You can see from the above photo that mine is already full. Phil doesn't have quite as many clothes as I do but he managed to use up a good bit of space on his end. I added a few hooks for robes and clothing we weren't quite ready to put away.

It's wonderful to finally have it done. I was very thankful to be able to take my clothes out of the u-Haul hanging clothes boxes. They were actually very hard on the fabrics. It is also nice to have my clothes all in one place and in the bedroom. Happy, happy!

What shall we do next?

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Master Bedroom Closet Construction

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We're still working on that master bedroom closet. After painting the walls, we went to Home Depot and purchased a butt load of wood.

It took me only one weekend to cut and build the closet and another weekend to trim it out. After that, it was time to prime and paint the wood. Two weekends.

Finally, we were able to start tiling. Phil got all the tile cut weekend before last and laid it this weekend. This coming weekend I will grout.

After another trip to Home Depot for woodwork, I'll get that cut and, with Phil's assistance, installed. Then we will only need to cut and hang clothes rods.

I can hardly wait to move into the new closet.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Building the Master Bedroom Closet

Phil cut the doorway into the little bedroom next to the master bedroom, built a wall dividing that room in half, hung sheetrock, taped, spackled. I painted. This past weekend I went to work cutting, piecing, sanding to create the inside of the closet.
The space is 4x12. On one end are four shelves 24 inches deep. On the other end is a tall hanging unit for storing dresses, coats, etc. Above it is a shelf. In between these two units I built two identical sets of upper/lower hanging units, each close to four feet in length, for hanging shirts/slacks.
This work took three days over the labor day weekend.
Next weekend I will prime & paint. Now I rest.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Building a master bedroom closet

We are slowly bringing this closet together. Over the summer Phil completed demolition work, built the walls, and textured them. I primed and painted. Last weekend we went to Home Depot and spent a wad of money on lumber. Yesterday, I started cutting it down to size.

First, of course, I spent and hour and a half doing maintenance on my table saw. Necessary but hot, yucky work. I still need to haul the shop vac out there to suck all the saw dust off. I was anxious to get going, though, and began cutting the cross braces.

I quickly learned just how out of practice I am. My initial cuts were awful, jagged. Sanding cures a lot of ills, however. That's what I did after I cut the braces. I was a little anxious to put something on the wall so after cutting and sanding, I marched in to the closet and mounted two of the braces on the wall. I am not confident they will hold.

Phil is in there right now locating studs. Once these are located I'll add a few extra screws to hold them in place. Am considering a brace from floor to bottom of brace as well. Just to be safe. Given the weight these will have to hold, overbuilding is not a bad thing.

To work!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Compound Miter Saw

I bought a compound miter saw back when Sears had them on sale. It has taken me forever to get it bolted down. So now it is and now I am learning hiw to make angled cuts.

My first project is a spice rack. It required straight cuts and 45 degree angle cuts. It is not a fancy spuce rack but it is functional. And I learned how to measure for an angled cut. Certainly I have not learned all that I need to learn but enough to feel confidant enough to try my hand at cutting trim for the woodwork in the dining room.

This morning I will sand the spuce rack once more and then paint it. Then I will make my estimate for the woodwork in the dining room.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Master Bedroom Closet

Getting the master bedroom closet done may be the only thing we get done this summer. Tha is a lot but it is not as much as I wanted. We are just tired, I suppose. And there are lots of distractions.

My compound miter saw is now bolted down. Today I will cut wood for a spuce rack. I salvaged a few pieces from the wall/closet debri. Will be good practice for me as I learn how to use the new saw.

I had tried to make a spice rack once before but the wood was a bit too hefty. Ended up with a rack that was too substantial to hang on the wall. We built it into the new master bedroom wall instead. So, I'll try again.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cardboard Cutouts

Yesterday, I helped Phil move the rest of the stuff out of the middle bedroom so he has room to work. Then he made cardboard cutouts of a toilet and shower walls. He put these in place so we could get a feel for how the space will be used. We have decided to go with a large shower 56 x 36 instead of 48 x 36. Just feels better in the room. That knocks us down to one sink but I think that is okay. We are living well with one sink now. It's the single toilet that is killing us. No, not all the time. Just sometimes.

Anyway, Phil said he was going to Home Depot for supplies but he never made it. I suspect the same will happen today unless I make the move for the door myself. We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to Work

Finally, we are back to work. The middle bedroom and the back bedroom had closets on a shared wall. Phil removed the middle bedroom closet to expose the wall. Then he built a wall dividing the middle bedroom. This effectively framed in the master bedroom closet. As you can see from the picture to the left, the doorway to the hall is still there. Phil has cut a new opening in the sheetrock to the master bedroom but I don't think he plans to close the original doorway until he gets the new doorway framed in.

Now Phil is removing the closet on the other side (the one that shared the wall with the first. it opened into the middle bedroom). The old closet had a lot built in shelves and drawers--cute but non-functional. First step was to remove all that and the framing for the old closet. Then he put in studs for the new wall. This second picture shows the subfloor (under old closet area). Today he will be removing the back wall of the closet and building up the wall between the two bedrooms.

The end result will be a closet for the master bedroom that is 4 x 12 ft. and a master bath that is 6.5 x 12 ft. We will take an old utility closet that opens into the hall and turn that into a small closet for the guest bedroom. For now the closet that Phil has framed in is holding construction debri as shown in the photo at left. You are viewing the interior of the new closet. Phil was able to place a shelf unit I made into the wall. Will be great for holding deoderant, perfume, etc.

We did have one happy discovery so far. Even though we both measured several times, it appears we are going to have an extra 6 inches in the master bathroom. Hence the 6.5 foot measurement. That extra 6 inches has us rethinking the layout to the bathroom. Fortunately we do not have to have any answers just yet. After we clear all the debri and are left with an empty room we will make templates from cardboard and shuffle them about. We'll see what falls out.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


We haven't done much work on the house lately. we are easily distracted. I am taking an oil painting class and making a purse and working on web sites. Phil is spending all his time in Second Life. duh. If we ever want to get this place done, we gotta get back to work.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


The kitchen floor tile and back splash is grouted!

Back to Work

All my tools have gotten scattered in different locations over the winter. Spent one full day locating and staging them. Have them all in one place now.
Yesterday I grouted tiles outside the pantry. Today I will finish grouting in the kichen. THEN I will be able to move on to other things.
Phil & I have been talking about the renovation of the middle bedroom. We have always planned to make it closets and a bath. We are now thinking that we could get more bang for the buck if we make one large closet instead of two closets. when we measure it out, it looks like we can get a good sized linen closet in the new arrangement. Will work it out on paper to be sure.
For now, back to work.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


We have been working on the yard since January. Now that it is getting warmer we are moving our work indoors.
In the backyard, we pulled up the railroad tie border that was only half done, leveled corner where there was a big hole, built a raised bed, planted veggies, a rose bush, & a variety of flowers. We also cut back some kind of bush/tree that is very invasive. It is growing again in the alley rather vigirously. We'll just have to keep cutting.
In the front yard, we planted plumbago-lots of it, sage, nandina, st. johns wort, daisies, irises and vincas. the color makes the house so much friendlier.
The lawn in the front & back is mostly a variety of weeds & crabgrass. We planted a test patch of Bermuda. It has done well so we hope to get more seeded soon. In the meantime, we have fed the soil in preparation.
But now it is getting warm. There are only a few hours in the early morning when we can work. So our attention is turning to the projects indoors. Phil is prepping to build closets and I'm trying to pull all my stuff together, including me, to go back to work on the floors.
Oh, for a nap!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Slow Going

We have not worked on the house in a while. We had a spurt of energy just before Thanksgiving and then the demands of the holidays and end of the Fall Term took over. We got zippo done. Besides, it was too cold in December to do much anyway. No excuse for doing nothing in January or February. Lots of good intentions that never amounted to much.

On the other hand, we have been digging in the dirt. Did I mention that we planted plumbago in the front yard some time in the fall. Also added asparagus fern under the front bedroom windows and two sage bushes on the east side of the house out front. Trimmed back the Althea bush. It's an old old bush. When it warms up I'll feed it. Hope it blooms. It didn't do much last year but maybe with trimming and feeding it will come around. Phil planted a bucket load of bulbs around a small crepe myrtle bush. He spent a lot of time digging a large round flower bed, adding good soil to the bed and then planting all the bulbs. We are beginning to see things come up now. Pretty, pretty.

Phil put together a raised bed for veggies in the back yard. I planted potatoes, beets and carrots just a few days ago. We also planted a blackberry bush but some critter came and stole it and ate it. Imagine how hungry you would have to be to eat a blackberry plant. It was just a stick for heaven's sake!! We've planted a rose bush in its place. This afternoon we turned the soil and marked off flower bed on the west side of the yard under the old pecan tree. Not terribly large. Will plant some salvia, pepperment, sage, and a few other herbs there.

We bought a little lime tree and put that in a pot just outside the back door. Oh, and I dug up all those damned old bricks that were outside the back door. Someone had put those there thinking they were a good thing to have there since there was no patio or anything. Trouble was, they were awkward, uneven and downright dangerous. While I was digging them up, I discovered a lower layer of sand. This has to be the place the old flagstone was located. We have found a pile of that behind the shed. So I leveled the dirt and sand the best I could (okay, it's like totally not perfect) and laid the flagstone. I have bought some creeping oregano to grow between the the stones.

There was a big brush and junk pile pickup this past week. So we trimmed every bush, including the ones in the alley. Cut back everything that was around the little shed and hauled all that out to the road. Place looks a ton better. Now if we could just grow grass......

Okay. I guess we haven't been all that lazy. Of course, now is the time to work outdoors. Before it gets too hot. I am ready to get back to work indoors. I would really like to see the closets finished. and the tile in the main living areas. That would be nice. But for now, while we can, we work outdoors. That's not so bad.