Monday, October 6, 2008

Dining Room Lights

I haven't blogged in awhile. In mid-August we seemed to hit a wall. We were tired. Just couldn't muster the energy or enthusiam. We did some small things, I stayed with the grandkids while Katie went to Cancun, we rested a little. It helped that Dan the electrician was scheduled to come do some work the weekend after I returned from Fredericsburg.

Our air conditioner compressor went out. Thankfully it was under warranty. Took about a week to get it replaced. Dan checked the circuits feeding the a/c just to make sure they were all in good shape. He did replace one plug. Then he went to work installing the dining room light and the pot lights above the desk/serving counter.

Dan also installed two electric plugs under the counter. Yep, I know it's a mess. I think this shows the concept works well. It's getting used. Phil and I can both plug in without having to hunt for a plug. We sit facing each other, one on one side of the counter and the other on the other side. We have killed a good bit of time here. and who knew those little lights would be sooooooo handy. They brighten things up quite a bit. Putting those in was a good call.

Dan installed two more plugs in the master bedroom. That room only had two plugs. sort of inconvenient. That means we could only put the bed in one place. Now with the two extra plugs we can put the bed where ever. We also installed an extra tv cable outlet so we that moving things around will be no big deal.
While Dan did all this, I grouted the pantry floor tiles. Turned out to not be so hard. I was sort of so to get into this because I had it in my head that is was difficult. Physically it is but it takes no genius to grout. One of the tools Phil brought home from his Home Depot tile class was a bag that looks an awful lot like a pastry bag. The experts recommend filling the bag and squirting out the grout....just like cake icing. I got to thinking about it and decided that there is an easier way.
I took a one gallon plastic zip top freezer bag. Put my grout and water in, sealed it and squished it around a bit to mix it. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Squished it around again. Then I took it to my worksite, snipped off a lower corner and squished out the grout. Works just like the bag Phil bought but I don't have to clean it up. When done, I just throw it away. If I need to stop in the middle, I just tie it off with a rubber band or a twist tie. The grout stays good much longer than if it was open to the air. Woohoo!

I have grouted half the back splash and the tiles under the refrigerator and stove. Finally, no more cardboard under the appliances. Glad to see that stuff go. We'll be able to keep the kichen a lot cleaner now. By the way, I had thought about switching to a grey grout but Phil talked me out of it. I'm glad he did now. The grout goes perfectly with the wall color in the kitchen and dining room. Dirt color. You'd think we were all a bunch of UT fans with all this burnt orange!
Back to the master bedroom. I managed to get the tile laid last week. Phil worked on the walls this weekend Got 'em all patched up and textured. Then on Sunday, we painted. Phil likes blue. I don't do blue. Usually. But after 16 years together, I guess I can do blue. I chose a blue that is really quite pale. In strong light it even looked white. In the late afternoon, it looks pale blue. Seems strong to me even with the white ceiling. I am glad that I didn't pick a darker blue.
This morning I wen to work grouting. Got about 2/3 of the floor grouted. Can't stand up straight now but I'll take an Aleve and finish it tomorrow.
Recently Hancock Fabrics had a huge sale on decorator fabrics. I picked up curtain material for the bedroom and the dining room. The curtains for the master bedroom will be pale blue with a blue and green cornice. Gotta have a little green in the room. I'm hoping the green bedspread will work with the room, too. We'll see. The drapes in the dining room will be a luscious olive green with champagne, burnt orange and deep green floral. That fabric had to be special ordered but I still got the sale price on it. So after I get done with construction work, I'll have to haul out the sewing machine. I don't mind though. With a little work and creativity, we'll have beautiful drapes.

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Jackie said...

Glad to see you back at it! Thought I was going to have to come down there and do it myself, complete with cast and wheelchair.