Monday, August 4, 2008

Countertop Install

The guys from Best Countertops arrived at about 9:30 this morning. They went right to work installing the counter top. This time they were the correct color.

One of the guys spoke little English and the other, who spoke excellent English, was clearly his apprentice. The discussed things often in Spanish. While I could not understand everything they said, I could certainly understand what they were talking about. Gradually it became clear that there was a problem.

Apparently, the center piece and the right-hand side had been fabricated at the shop but it was four inches too long. At first glance that does not sound like a big deal. But...the right and left hand are mitered to the center section. They knew that if they trimmed the left hand they would be running the risk of not getting the angle correct. After much discussion, making up their minds about what to do, more discussion, changing their minds, and more discussion, they decided to attempt to trim the center section on their own. Sure enough, the angle was a little off but these guys are masters at figuring out how to make it work. And they did.

The wall is kind of mangled in a couple of places. Nothing I can't fix. The apprentice spent a lot of time "fixing" the left hand seam and he did a good job. The breakfast bar has a 1/4" gap between wall and counter that is filled with gobs of filler that is supposed to harden. I keep thinking this will be okay when it is covered by the backsplash. It was a tense morning. These guys did a good job.

The counter top for the desk/serving bar in the dining room was installed with much less drama. But, of course, it is a simple straight counter. We may have to add a support for the center but for now, it is fine. I may work with Dan to build some kind of support that can incorporate the electric we want want under the counter top.
It is very nice to sit in here and work on my computer and be able to look out the window. It is light and airy. Books are beginning to fill the shelves. Nice.
We will have to buy two chairs that will work at this desk. It is an inch or two higher than a regular desk but not as high as a counter top. That seems odd to me as it is supposed to be at table height...30 inches. Instead it is 33 1/4 inches. Mmmmm. I measured the kitchen cabinets. They are at about 36 inches with the counter top installed. I'm wondering if we will need to buy counter height chairs. Decisions, decisions.

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