Friday, August 1, 2008

Almost a Kitchen!

Yes!! It's almost a kitchen! Okay, not quite but at least its a functional kitchen. Here's what happened. The countertops were supposed to be delivered and installed on Thursday (yesterday). The guys got here 3 hours late and went right to work. I kept thinking something was not right. So I went and found my sample of countertop and compared it to the countertop they were installing. Sure enough, it was about two shades lighter. One of the guys called his office. Turns out someone made a mistake as they made out the work order. They offered me a $250 cash card if I would accept this countertop. I was insulted and told them the only way I would accept it was if they sold it to me at a 50% reduction. The manager backed off and said they would make a new countertop for me and that it would be ready on Monday. They will install the sink since I have Paul the plumber coming Friday (today) to do all the plumbing installs. And they said they would leave the main portion of the cabinet so we would at least be functional.

Paul the plumber brought his little boy Paul, Jr. to work with him today. He was a good little boy and was very helpful to his Dad. Paul installed cutoff valves on the sink and a new u-trap, and then hooked up the sink. He installed the dishwasher. Yippee!! And installed the line to the refrigerator for ice and water. Then he went out to the backyard and installed a pressure regulator to reduce water pressure to the house from 120 psi to 65 psi. That will keep all our appliances from blowing up. And everything works; no leaks. Ahhhh.

I cooked dinner in my newly functional kitchen. It's not done yet but at least its functional. The new sink is just perfect. I was able to get my entire wok into it. My new chopping block, which arrived yesterday and we had to put together (thank God for an education and a lot of common sense), was sooo nice. Admittedly the cardboard on the floor is a trip hazard but that will come up once we finish the floor and get little feet for the appliances. Admittedly there's no door on the pantry but that will be replaced once the floor is finished. Admittedly, the dishwasher is a tip hazard until the new countertop is installed but at least it works and will be anchored more better after the tile under it is installed. We really need to finish the floors. And that is the next project. To begin work on the tile in earnest.

And, I have started the process of unpacking book boxes. It will take awhile to get all the books organized. I have to find room for my books and Phil's and have them somehow organized enough to find particular books when we want them. For now, I have stacks of books in different places and particular sections designated for particular topics. It is nice to pick them up, touch them, smell remember them as the old friends we know them as. I look forward to unpacking them all.

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