Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wrapping Everything in Plastic

While Phil worked on installing cleats for shelves in the pantry, I wrapped everything in the dining room in plastic. After the shelves are installed, Phil will be applying texture to the exterior of the pantry and around the opening to the kitchen. The most time consuming part of that task is preparing the work site. Since Phil also has to prepare for Fall classes and wrapping the world in plastic requires no special skill, I wrapped.

I covered the bookcases with huge sheets of plastic and taped it. I covered the ceiling fan with garbage bags and taped every possible opening. I covered all door openings with sheets of plastic which are are kind of folded back for now but ready.

Its actually a good thing I had nothing to do that required any skill. The cat was up in the middle of the night barfing. I mean really barfing. She's 22 years old and her digestive system does not work all that well. sometimes. I sat with her while she barfed. She was very vocal and clearly agitated. After a while I picked her up and held her and petted her. She relaxed. And peed all over my feet. I put her down and she crawled into a corner and went to sleep. It sort of reminded me of when my daughter was little and woke up sick in the night. "Momma, momma, I don't feel so...." and she puked cherry Kool-Aid all over me. "Do you feel better now?" "Yes" "Okay, go back to bed." Yes, that really happened. I still can't drink cherry Kool-Aid. Fortunately, I'm not into catfood. But I also didn't sleep all that good either. So, I'm tired and cranky today. I used a lot of tape and little to no finesse when I taped all that plastic up.

Meanwhile, Phil got 20 cleats installed--1 for each end of each shelf. When the taping was done and the cleats installed, I painted one side of each shelf. Tomorrow after he installs the center cleat and the brackets, I'll flip the shelves and paint the other side. Then we'll screw the shelves in place and we will have a pantry. That means we'll be able to put things in it. Functional! It won't be long now.

I went to Home Depot and paid the balance on the countertop. They should be calling me soon to let me know when it will be installed. I am getting impatient. It will happen before we know it and then we will begin to tile. Woohoo!


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