Friday, July 4, 2008

Shopping for Supplies

Yesterday we were up early but for some reason we did not get out of here as early as I had hoped. When we finally did get moving, we were both hungry. Okay, so we stopped at Shoney's for breakfast. Shoney's has a breakfast bar. It was not very good. Edible but not good. Easy to not eat too much. Then on to Home Depot.

While I chose lumber for the kitchen shelves, Phil went shopping for a tile saw. After that, I chose two new fans. I had purchased flush mount fans from Lowe's but that wouldn't work in the living room. Home Depot had a small fan with a 4.5 inch downrod. That should work perfectly in the living room.

Phil and I then met and went over to the kitchen design center where we talked to Beth about the counter tops. I drew out the plan for the kitchen so she could give us a proper estimate. We looked at laminate by Wilsonart, Corian and Silestone. It was kind of frustrating because I was having trouble finding something that would go with our tile and our walls. Phil picked up a laminate and tossed it on the table. OMG!! It was a perfect fit. It has a little wall color, white, grey, and black in it. Stunning!! So the decision is made, we will go with a laminate. I'll have to return with a check so we can get the counter tops made. It will take two weeks.

Finally, we made our way back home. Phil helped me unload the car and we had lunch. I was beat. I took a nap. And then hitched it up and went to Lowe's while Phil went to the office.

At Lowe's I found the kitchen sink I want. I had thought to go with a stainless steel sink and I had thought to go with a single bowl sink rather than a double bowl. None of the single bowl stainless steel sinks were quite what I wanted. Not quite large enough and looked more like a bar sink than a kitchen sink. But, Lowe's had an American Standard single bowl. They claim that you can soak a cookie sheet flat in the sink. Now that would be nice. Of course, they don't say what size the cookie sheet is. Skeptic. But I do like the sink. So I bought it. I also picked up more primer, painting supplies, three pot lights for the desk area and a ton of little stuff we needed. Terribly expensive little stuff, don't you know.

All told, it took about eight hours to do all that shopping. I was beat. So much so that I took pictures only to discover that I had not reinserted the memory card in my camera. So the pictures are lost. Phil won't be too sad about that. He hates posing.

I spent today, July 4th morning, sanding and priming the stock for kitchen shelves. Began cutting and building shelves in the afternoon.

During a break Phil was going to put in new light bulbs in the kitchen flourescent fixture. When he removed the cover the whole thing fixture came undone on one end. Quick, quick!! Figure out how to fix it so the whole thing doesn't come down on our heads! Turns out the screws were too short to actually bite the beam above. Different, longer screws, two short tempers, a dangling light fixture. As soon as the situation was stable, I was out the door to do something I know how to do---make shelves.
More tomorrow. For now, I am beat. I mashed my thumb closing the garage door. No blood blister because I managed to mash it hard enough that it spit open on the backside of my thumb. Duh. On the up side, 7 shelves made.


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