Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shelves for the Kitchen

This morning I went to work on the shelves for the kitchen. I had primed, cut, and assembled most of the shelves yesterday. This was supposed to be an easy day. Supposed to be. Okay, it wasn't bad in the morning. The temperature outside was quite tolerable. The shelves previously built needed some wood filler, so after setting up my table saw, getting the primer, laying out the plastic, I sat down and filled nail holes with wood filler. Set those out to dry. Sent Phil off to Home Depot for a class on laying tile. Gave all the shelves a coat of primer. Cut wood for the remaining three shelves. Ate lunch and went back out.

It was so hot when I went back out. Couldn't believe it. The good part is that everything dried in half the time--wood filler, primer, paint, me. It quickly became apparent that if I was going to survive the afternoon, I had better paint in shifts. Found a little shade in front of the garage and assembled the other three shelves, filled nail holes with wood filler and set those out to dry. Took a break. Went back and primed the three shelves, gave the other shelves a little additional primer where needed. Went back in. This is a little like the scientists in the Antarctic who can only go outside for a limited amount of time only instead of cold, we're dealing with heat here in San Antonio. Went back out and painted everything. Lookin' good.

After a little rest and cool down, finally a breeze. Of course it was on the leading edge of a thunderstorm so I moved all the wood under the eave in front of the garage, put away some of my tools and went to work cutting cleats for the shelves. Finally, all done. Where's Phil?

After coming back from Home Depot, he moved all refrigerator and the base cabinets into the kitchen for a dry fit. Wow! I sure like the way it looks. The sink base is kind of poking out because we haven't cut the holes in the back of the cabinet for the pipes yet. Gotta decide how best to procede from here. Phil wants to level the entire kitchen area since that will have to be done in order to lay the tile. (He learned that today.) The cabinets are going to take some considerable leveling so why not pull them out and level the whole floor. That should reduce the amount of shimming and theory.

So Phil spent a little time researching what he will need to get that done. He is working on his plan for the tile.

Hey, hang one shelf! It would be easier to hang them before we put the base cabinets in place. You can see they are waiting. So am I. Phil went to work planning where the microwave shelf will go. Search for studs. Pre-drill holes for the cleat. I had intended for the cleat to go up first and then to mount the shelf on the cleat and secure the brackets. The secure the shelf to the cleat. Phil's idea is to attach the shelf to the cleat first and put the whole thing up. Only thing is the cleat is hard wood and the screws kept getting stripped. An hour and a half later, no shelf up, husband is totally frustrated and I am just trying to not lose my religion. Time for dinner. Quit for the day. These shelves will be here tomorrow. So will we. At least they are made.

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