Monday, July 28, 2008


It has been about 9 days since my last blog. I kept thinking I would get to it but at the end of the day....there was no energy. So today, I am blogging to get caught up and I am starting early in the day.

We bought more backer board and Phil got it laid. We still have a wee bit more that needs to be bought for the dining room. Meanwhile, I began painting in the dining room/office area. The dogs, Bucky and Sam, supervised. These are the walls before being toned down.

This next picture shows the walls after application of stain. Again, like in the kitchen, I dry brushed oak stain onto the walls and then went back over it with a cheese cloth covered sponge. I don't wipe the walls. I kind of smudge them. The resulting color is a bit richer and darker with quite a bit more interest than a plain painted wall. And this dried quickly, more quickly than the kitchen did. Don't know why there was a difference there but I was glad for it. One thing I did notice was that I had to be very careful "smudging" because the old texturing was very sensitive and tended to break off easily. That required touch ups later.

Here you can see the contrast between the walls and the bookcases. Keeping the bookcases white adds lite and color contrast to the room. They also keep the room from being overwhelmed by the color. Hopefully, we can start putting out books soon.
You can see in the distance and in the pic below that I have already started putting things on the kitchen shelves. Couldn't wait any longer. Besides, I think we are done creating a lot of dust in this space.

We have purchased counter tops from Home Depot. The guy who came to measure and make the template said we could have them installed by this past Saturday. No joy. The scheduler called and said the earliest they could do it would be August 1st. I was terribly disappointed because Saturday was Phil's birthday. The only thing I had planned to give him was a functioning kitchen. I was in a funk for several days. Then I decided to just start using the kitchen anyway. The old table top from the garage sale table, though too wide, now rests on top of the cabinets. We can at least prepare food in front of the window, with light. By the way, I made picnic salads and we bought Church's fried chicken, spread a blanket on the living room floor and celebrated Phil's birthday on Saturday. We did not work on the house. We rested!

Phil also finished the pantry shelves. They are super sturdy. Once they were all in place I screwed a 2 x 4 flat to the top of the canned goods shelf. This will provide for a little height for the those cans in the rear of the shelf. Make things easier to find. And then I repainted everything. Once dry--and I could hardly wait for that--I began unpacking boxes and loading the shelves. Between Phil's kitchen, my kitchen at Falfurrias and the makeshift kitchen we have here, I found lots and lots of dupes. I have enough poultry seasoning to season all the chicken on "Chicken Run". Won't need to buy any of that for awhile either. We will not be buying pork and beans for a while or pasta. Some things that we use a lot, we just have a lot of. And easily, one half of one of these long shelves is taken up by spices. So, I have decided to build a spice rack so I can free up the shelf space and see the spices. But it is nice to have everything in one place where it can be seen, sorted and used easily.
Today, Phil will lay his first tiles. He prepared all afternoon yesterday. Measuring, dry layout, consultation, adjusting, marking. He'll start with the pantry. Next we'll pull the major appliances away from the wall in the kitchen and get the underneath tiled. While he is working with all that and doesn't need me, I will be sanding and priming the stock from which I will make my spice rack. That sucker will be 18" x 36". Should hold all the spices I have and then some. I hope.

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