Monday, July 7, 2008

A Microwave Shelf & the Sabbath

I did not ask Phil to try again but he did. After dinner, he went back to work on the shelf and got it put up. I know the picture is a little fuzzy but you can still see how it looks. I had originally planned to put a stainless steel restaurant style food prep table under it but I am now rethinking that. Especially since Phil has put the kitchen cabinets in place. Maybe a butcher block topped table...I'll look for plans for how to build one. In the meantime, it is soooo nice to have the refrigerator and the microwave in the same room. And egads! the stove is right next to it. Three appliances in one place!! I know it is only temporary...until we start putting down tile...but I am enjoying it.

Yesterday, we did not work. We both did a little planning but no work. One of the things we have been really enjoying is taking our Sabbath. For us observing the Sabbath means going to worship, spending time together, and resting. Going to worship has been difficult because with this move and my change in job, we have no church home. A church anchors us and we both miss it terribly. We keep trying different churches but have not found one we are happy with. We did find one where the people were sooo nice but I am not happy with the theology we heard there. By theology, I mean that I am expecting to hear about God's grace and mercy. Judgement is certainly an important topic but I need to hear grace and mercy. Yesterday we found one where the theology was right on but the people were as unfriendly as you could ever expect to find. We continue searching.

After our lunch, the newspaper and our nap, we both woke with our heads wrapped around the next project. Phil spent a good deal of time working on how the tile will be layed out. I mapped out how big the dining room table will be. yes, I plan to build my own table. When the neighbors across the street had a garage sale and in amongst the stuff was a 36 x 60 table. The base is metal with a small amount of curleyque. Kind of looks like it was manufactured in the 80's. I bought it for $15. The current fake butcher block top will be used in some other project. But the base will be painted flat black and I plan to make a table top that is 48 x 72. Back when we were in Fredericksburg, a granite company went out of business and I raided their abandoned scrap heap for large junks of polished granite. Got lots of different colors. It will be used now to make a mosaic table top to go on the metale base. It will be heavy but that is why the base needed to be metal.

We both have such grand ideas. These will have to wait until later. Right now Phil is trying to fix the a/c and we are planning to make a run to Navy Federal as we are out of checks. We can't order the countertops without a check. So, as soon as the a/c thing is corrected, we are off to do the other chores. Maybe we'll buy some backer board for the tile while we are there.


Sacred Sista said...


Saw one good-looking guy in these photos so far, but no sexy women! Need some gender balance here. I read the whole blog and my first thought was: Why not just buy a new house? Gonna cost just as much... sweat equity included! But, hey, I like doing this stuff, too. I do want to know if the drunk girl survived. Love ya, Sacred Sis from S'ville

deb said...

I checked the obituaries and found no incidences of a teen age girl dying ignobly of alcohol poisoning or drowning in her own barf. Thank God. Haven't seen much of the neighbor kid either. He has a job with his uncle doing landscaping for the summer. I suspect they have put him to work. Good answer to all that energy and 'em til they wear out!!