Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Little DVD Storage

I have been putting off the job of building a little storage unit for a space created by the kitchen cabinets. I have been putting it off because I've never done anything like this. Oh, sure Phil and I built bookcases but we had a plans we downloaded from the Internet. For this job, I would have to make my own plans. I was a little nervous. And I could put it off no longer.

When we installed the kitchen cabinets, the corner unit--a lazy susan and not quite as deep as a regular cabinet--left a gap about 6 inches deep. Wasted space! I thought maybe I could make a little storage unit for DVDs since this side faces the living room. So last night I went to work measuring and drawing. There was just enough scrap left over from the bookcases to make the whole thing from red oak. Admittedly, I did have to cut two of the shelves across the grain but I did strengthen them with a 1 x 2 facing. I tried, as much as possible, to emulate the design of the bookcases for continuity's sake. I think I succeeded. To my immense delight, the little unit slid right into place, flush with the wall. We'll put a piece of backing board on the cabinet to the right and it will then be flush with the cabinet. Do we paint or stain? That's the next question. But I won't think about it today. I stuck some DVDs in the unit for the picture so you can get a feel for its size.

While I was working on this project and doing laundry, Phil textured the one remaining dining room wall. He has gotten quite good at applying texture. He did a really nice job. After that he went back to work on the pantry. Each shelf has a center cleat that is 18-inches long and two brackets. Today he installed the center cleats and began screwing down all the brackets and then anchoring the shelves to the cleats. It is a tedious job. Lots of screws. He's not done yet. There's probably another full day of work left in there.

All in all, a productive day. Monday I'll be painting in the dining room and hopefully putting the finishing paint on the pantry shelves.


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