Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I spent the morning evening out the paint at the edges on the kitchen walls. Took a good bit of time and concentration. turns out that where the bookcase and the wall meet is ugly. the bookcase is white flat enamel and the wall is terra cotta satin latex. The tinies slip and the unevenness shows. Spent way too much time trying to figure it out. The best way may be to go to Lowe's and buy an edging tool. Will do that tomorrow.

Later, I began cleaning up the dining room. Moved the power tools, supplies, wood, etc. to the garage. Phil helped to move the tools and sheetrock. The place is starting to look more like a house than a construction zone.

Dan the electrician came by at about 5:30 p.m. He started with the light over the kitchen window/future sink. He had installed the electric earlier, now the fixture needed to be installed. He also installed all the plugs and switches in the kitchen. And finally, he installed the flourescent light in the center of the kitchen. Once that was installed we realized we had not purchased the flourescent lights for the fixture. So one more thing is added to the Lowe's list.
We talked to Dan about a fan for the back room/living room. The ceiling slopes so we can't use a flush mount fan. There are two exisitng light fixtures that are basic, simple light fixtures. Not much to look at. Adding a fan will be a chore but Danny says it can be done. What will we do about the existing fixtures? The best thing to do would be to mount to small fans in the place of the light fixtures. The two I had already purchased are flush mount only so they won't work on the sloping ceiling. I'll use them in the bedrooms. I'll spend some time on-line. Maybe I can find something or someway to get a ceiling fan into the living room.

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