Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kitchen Shelves...finally!

Yes! We finished installing the kitchen shelves today. It took way longer than we thought it would but they do look good. And I say that knowing that tomorrow I will spend the day buffing burrs out of the those places where we wacked the brackets while we drilled. I say it knowing that I will have to repaint spots on shelves and walls and one place on one wall will have to be patched. But they do look good and I should be able to do all the finish work tomorrow. And my shelves will look even better. I saw a kitchen in a magazine that had open shelving but they had made their brackets out of wood. They looked contrived. Ours look way better.

Here's what we learned. We have to work together. We have to be patient with each other. I tend towards dyslexia when I'm tired and get things measured and put together all bassackwards. Phil gets tired and bullies the wood. Eat. Remember to eat. Take breaks. It doesn't all have to be done today. Let the task dictate the rythm. Think about work arounds. We wanted those corners to come together neatly and our first thought was to run out and buy L-brackets. We stood there for the longest time before we realized all we really need to do was drill a hole and screw them together. Think alternatives.
Phil brought home yellow roses tinged with orange. They are beautiful. in the kitchen. Obviously accents in this room will need to be yellow and green. We'll have to find something to put above the stove with those colors. I think a little blue would be nice. Sounds like a trip to the flea market to me.
We will also begin putting base cabinets in place and locking them down. We have to have all this done by Monday because that is when the countertop guys will come to make the template for our countertops. They say the cabinets have to be installed before they can make the template. Makes sense to me. If they aren't installed they could get moved about and then the counter top wouldn't fit. We are paying too much $$ to have it not fit.

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