Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kitchen Shelves

Thinking I could do better than one shelf in three hours, I gave it a try. Not only did I not do better, I did much worse. Managed to punch two holes in the wall that will have to be patched. This is no fun. Slept on it and yesterday morning, Phil and I set aside our egos and worked on this together. We mananged to get two shelves up without incident and in only two hours. Now we know what we are doing. Hopefully, we will get a few more up today. After they are all up, I will have to go back and patch the walls, apply touch up paint to brackets, shelves and the walls and I am okay with that. Let's just get them up. And they are sturdy enough, they will not be coming down any time soon. The main thing is that we have learned that we must set aside our pride and will to work together. And neither of us can invest our sense of self-worth into whether or not we can get a bunch of shelves on the wall. Just git her done. Move on.

We went to Fredericksburg yesterday after putting up the two shelves. We both had dental cleanings with Veronica. Visited with Mo and cousin Sandy. Spent a little leasure time at our home there. Raided my daughter's freezer for dinner and then headed home well rested and ready to go back to work.


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