Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th in the hood

Yesterday, I mostly worked on making kitchen shelves. You can see the ones I completed in this picture. I take a length of board, cut it to size on the table saw. Then I take a length of 1 x 2 and cut end pieces and a front piece to face the board. I glue and nail the end pieces on and then face all with the third piece of trim. This will be mounted on a cleat on the wall and supported by two shelf brackets. Out to hold just about anything. I'll do something similar for the pantry.
At the end of the day, I shove everything back into the garage from whence it came. Locking the garage door is done by nailing a length of board at the top of the door so it can't be opened. Nailing it in place is the last thing I do each day. And it was what was doing when I hit my thumb. Man that sucker bled a lot. It's sore today but there's no blood blister and I won't lose my nail. Ha!

Late yesterday afternoon as I was preparing to cut another length of wood, some of the teenagers who hang out across the street came out and headed east. Five girls and one boy. One of the girls was falling down drunk or drugged. Couldn't tell which. Might have been both. I heard one of the girls say, "She took my shot". Probably doing tequila shooters or something. Parents were not home. Anyway, the guy was yelling at one of the other girls to take care of her friend. There seemed a general reluctance to do so as she was sitting in the street drooling like she was going to puke. That girl was way drunk. I put my stuff down and went out into the street. I asked if they needed me to call 911. No, No they said, we're taking her home. Are her parents home? Yes. You know she could die from alcohol poisoning or she could lay down, puke and die by drowing in her own vomit. She can't be left alone. Are her parents home? Will someone be with her? yes, yes. They picked her up and one on either side of her walked/dragged her down the street.

Another boy appeared on the scene just as they were dragging her away. He assured me that they would take care of her. How old is she? Eighteen. Still too young to be drinking alcohol. Were drugs involved? No. Just drinking. Go take care of your friend. Make sure someone stays with her.

The parents, who had just recently arrived, came out and got in their truck. Visited briefly with them. Voiced my concern about the girl again: too young to drink, to drunk to be left alone as could die by either cause which I voiced again. We didn't know. We weren't here. Hey, we're the grownups. We have to make sure they understand this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Yeah, yeah. Drive away.

The other day a possum turned up in one of the neighbors fenced in front yards. Their dogs were playing with it. They had no tags on--were they vaccinated for rabies and distemper? This couldn't be good for them to be playing with a possum who was playing possum but snarling and showing his teeth. Reverse lookup on the web showed no phone number. Googled the address and found a website with their address. Called it and left a message. Shortly after, the possum was gone from the yard. Later I saw them, introduced myself and told them my concerns. Yeah, yeah. If I didn't qualify as THE NOSEY NEIGHBOR after the possum incident, I do now.

The young man turned up later and introduced himself. Begged me not to call the cops. He's on probation. We talked. Actually, he made a lot of excuses and kept begging me to not call the cops. I talked to him like he was my own red-headed step-child. Told to him to take responsibility for this, for the care of his friend and to accept whatever grief his parents give him like a man. I won't call the cops if you don't give me reason to do so. Did he hear? I hope so.

That was 4th of July in our neighborhood.


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