Monday, June 23, 2008

Ripping out baseboards

The next step was ripping out the baseboards. After we realized that the floors could not be salvaged....okay, I suppose they could have been but the day I was thinking maybe we could give it a try, our little dog greeted a visitor by piddling on the floor and our older dog marked his territory--indoors. Okay. I'm good with tile floors. So, tile it will be. But first to prepare.

We went to Home Depot and purchased some very cool wrecking tools: A 3 foot long wrecking bar, a nail puller that's about twelve inches long and a couple of good hammers and gloves. All have proved themselves invaluable. These little tools make popping a baseboard off a minor chore. Unless your doing the whole house and then you can count on remodelers elbow setting in. In my case, it has sort of stayed.

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